Photo Restoration

minor restoration

Minor restoration:- for prints with one or two creases, marks or scratches or slightly frayed edges. All outside the important features of the photo

We can restore old photos

Prints which are worn, torn, faded, or cracked through time and use can now be recreated through our specialist digital imaging skills.

major restoration

There are two levels of restoration available depending on the amount of damage.

Major restoration:- for prints with splits and tears and missing corners all outside the important features of the photo . Large creases, marks or scratches to the important features of the photo edges may be repairable.

If your photo is more severely damaged please talk to us.

We'll see what we can do to help

after restoration

What you get:

  • Restored photofile

After restoration

  • 6 x 4 print

Historical Film Formats

unrestored picture, click mouse to  split
Works Outing circa 1880
(move mouse over image to switch between restored & unrestored pictures)

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